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Portland Bagpiper Photo Album

Over the years I have bagpiped in Oregon and SW Washington, many of the guests whose events I played at have offered me photos of my performances. It is wonderful to receive praise but it is also excellent to have a repertoire of photos to show friends and perspective clients. Posted belwo are several pictures which have been compiled from various events, competitions and solo performances.


college performance college performance college performance

oregon beach oregon beach oregon beach oregon beach oregon beach

piping out the bride and groom

bagpiping at Mindtouch Event bagpiper for portland city scape
7/23/08 - Bagpiping for a Mind Touch convention at the Red Lion Hotel

bagpiping at Moon and Six Pensebagpipe at Moon and Six Pense
7/23/08 - Bagpiping at the Moon and Six Pense, a British bar off NE Sandy

Portland Bagpipe Oaks Park (vertical)Portland Bagpipe Oaks Park (horizontal)

Portland Pipe Oaks Park inside windowPortland Piper Oaks Park Wedding from Trail
8/2/08 - Piping for a Portland Wedding outside the Oaks Park Church in the Sellwood Neightborhood.

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