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Portland Bagpipe Music Samples

Finally after much anticipation I have recoreded tunes for your listening pleasure. I have organized the bagpipe tunes in terms of Traditional and Contemporary. Most likely, the listerners will recogonize more of the tunes in the Traditional category. The Contemporary tunes are a nice edition and tend to be a wee more upbeat and lively.

Bagpipe Solo Performances

Traditional Tunes
Contemporary Tunes
Scotland the Brave 0:53 Sgt. James Barclay 1:50
Amazing Grace 0:49 Miss Ishabel 1:45
Green Hills of Tyrol 1:19 Duncan McGillvary 1:45
Skye Boat Song 0:50 Donald McCllelan of Rothesay 1:59
Mari's Wedding 0:56    

Bagpipe Band Performances

3/22/08 - At the first competition of the year, the Portland Metro Pipe Band took first place in the Grade III competition in Vancouver BC. There were eight bands total and each was fully capable of finishing in the top. Many of the pipe bands competing in this competition fly and or drive from all over the West Coast and Eastern Canada. The compilation of tunes we played included Hornpipes, Reels, Starthspeys, Jigs and Slow Airs; also known as the Medley competition.

Portland Metro Pipe Band Performance from Pipers Club on 4/16/07. This was our first Portland Bagpipe Band Performance. You cannot see me because I am on the far right but I was definitely there and playing. This was our first performance ever so naturally we sound much stronger now. The compilation of tunes is called a medley, which incorporates Reels, Jigs, Slow Aires, Hornpipes and Stathspeys. Check it out.

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