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Warrenton OR Bagpiper

Monday, January 9th, 2012

The family of fallen marine inquired about a bagpiper in Warrenton OR. Warrenton OR is just north of Seaside. It is a bit of a commute from Portland but I am willing and able to commute most any places. Additionally, I feel truly honored to bagpiper at a military wake. My step dad is a retired military professional and I am forever grateful to the men and women serving in the US military.

This particular service was held at the Ocean View Cemetery. I arrived 30 minutes prior to the start of the graveside service. As usual, I found a spot approximately 30 yards from the people were gathering. This is the ideal distance because it’s not to overpowering but yet can the full effect can be felt. The family requested Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace, two of the usual favorites both asked for and suggested by on my end.

In all the Service was less than 30 minutes because the full service took place earlier that day. Scotland the Brave was played to open the service and Amazing Grace was played to complete the service. Thank you for inviting me to perform bagpipes in Warrenton.

bagpiper warrenton or
bagpiper warrenton or

Waldport OR Bag Piper

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Hector at Affordable Burial and Cremation in Newport OR recommended me to a family looking for a bagpiper to make the trip to bagpipe at a funeral service in Waldport OR. They were planning a funeral for a friend who had recently passed. It turned out, their friend owned a set of bagpipes which had never been played. They inquired about the possibility of me playing his bagpipes at his service. I thought that would be quite a tribute.

We scheduled a time to meet in Portland several weeks before the bagpipe Waldport OR service in order to test the bagpipe set out and make sure they were still playable. Often times, a bag will leak air or the drones will crack, making it nearly impossible to play. However, we lucked out. After 40 minutes of swapping in some new reeds, adjusting the drones and checking for loss air, I determined they were still playable. Albeit temperamental, with a little tlc surely I would be able to play them at the service.

On Saturday I made the trek from Portland down to the beautiful Oregon coast to bagpipe at the funeral in Waldport OR. I took I-5 South through Salem, then headed to Corvallis and then rode Hwy 34 to Waldport. It’s an incredible drive through the Siuslaw National Forest but incredibly curvy.

The Waldport OR bagpipe service started at 1:30PM, so I arrived 30 minutes early to test the recently revived set of bagpipes. They still worked! At the service, I played Amazing Grace at the beginning and Scotland the Brave to finish the service off. The guests were surprised to learn from the pastor the pipes being played were not mine but his.

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Bagpipes Vancouver WA

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Lately, I have performed for several Vancouver WA bagpipes gigs. Yesterday, I bagpiped at Evergreen Memorial Gardens just off Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver WA. It was a simple, quaint funeral for an extraordinary man. There were approximately 50 guests and the weather was a bit overcast.

I stationed myself 15 yards from the casket, facing the audience. It was requested I bagpipe Amazing Grace and My Home, a beautiful traditional slow air I really enjoy playing. Just after the opening prayer, I played Amazing Grace and just before the closing prayer, I bagpiped My Home.

In all, the service took approximately 35 minutes. Normally, grave site ceremonies run 20 minutes – 40 minutes. I hope the guests enjoyed my bagpiping and I was able to assist with the grieving process.

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Vancounver Washington Bagpiper

Bagpiper Castle Rock WA

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Oregon Bagpiper Dan DelMain is off again. Castle Rock WA, positioned halfway between Portland and Olympia WA, is a pretty little town just off I5. For the last 15 years, it has gone unnoticed during my frequent bagpipe competition trips up to Seattle and further north to Vancouver Canada. Last Saturday was my first opportunity to be a Castle Rock WA bagpiper.

I was contacted to bagpipe at a memorial service last week to bagpipe in Castle Rock WA. The daughter wanted a bagpiper to pipe for approximately 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony as people gathered, shared stories and reminisced. It was a very scenic surrounding, including where she requested I situate myself. The house which held the ceremony was located on a river just a few miles outside downtown Castle Rock WA. The organizer had spoken to a neighbor across the river about having me perform from their property. That way, as she guessed correctly, my music would carry across the river, giving an eerie, haunting feeling.

Under a beautiful gazebo, with the rain thundering down, I played an elegant set of 3/4 marches, 4/4 marches, 6/8 marches and slow airs. The final culmination was a rendition of Amazing Grace. I normally play Amazing Grace 2-3 times through but for some reason I felt like playing longer, especially as I could spot in the distance more and more guests had gathered outside, singing and rejoicing.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet the daughter but I did meet the neighbors and everyone who had gathered to hear me perform on my side of the river. They were grateful as was I for being able to help the family during the grieving process.

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Longview WA Bagpiper

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Last weekend I was invited to bagpipe in Longview WA. It was held at the Longview Memorial Park Cemetery off 5050 Mt. Solo Rd Longview WA 9863. It was a quaint ceremony, with lots of friends and family members paying tribute to life of a wonderful Scottish lady. The Mausoleum was pitched at the top of the hill, overlooking the pastures and farm country of Longview WA. The hills were sprinkled with grave stones, flowers and other sentimental items. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and the day was beautiful.

My role was to bagpipe for all the guests prior to the service as they lingered and shared stories. I played two 3/4 Marches sets of slow marches and military marches, tunes I really enjoy piping at funerals. After about 10 minutes of bagpiping, the guests were asked to take their seats. At which time I was cued to start my pipes from outside the Mausoleum playing the bagpipe tune Amazing Grace. I played the first couple of verses at attention and then marched into the building, turned piped another couple of verses and then exited the same way I entered. Upon refacing the crowd, I cut my bagpipes.

The family and friends sang some verses, shared stories for the next 30 minutes. Upon concluding the ceremony, the speaker signaled me to march in from the back, strike up my bagpipes and lead the group with Scotland the Brave. I played the first couple of verses at attention and when I repeated the part, I lead out. Everyone followed as I lead them down the hill meandering to the right where the reception awaited them. I stayed for a while enjoying cookies and juice and meeting the family members. They all thanked me profusely.

Although I am known as the Portland Bagpiper, I enjoy getting out of Portland and making the commute to bagpipe in other places. Bagpiper Longview WA was no different.

Cannon Beach OR Bagpiper

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Bagpiping on the Oregon Coast always has a special part in my heart. There is something quite invigorating about bagpiping at the beach. The sound of seagulls flapping overhead, the lapping waves at your feet, the refreshing breeze and the picturesque moments always shared between friends and family in a beach setting can be very special. Frequently, I am asked to Oregon coast bagpipe for funerals, weddings and parties.

I was contacted early last week to play for a celebration of life on the Oregon Coast. I was to pipe at Tolovana State Park, just outside Cannon Beach. I have been a bagpiper Cannon Beach OR before, so I was familiar with the location. It was held at dusk, perfectly timed so the family and friends gathering would spy the sunset in the distance. The celebration of life lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a combination of music, stories and poems. The family wanted to have a bagpiper pipe them in. We started at the stairway leading down to the beach, with me trailing the family as they waltzed along the beach up to tent where family and friends had gathered. I started with Scotland the Brave bagpipe tune and once in position, launched into Skye Boat Song bagpipe tune, which is a lovely combination of traditional bagpipe music. It was a perfect setting for a bagpiper in Cannon Beach OR.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, with my fingers a bit stiff and cold from the breeze, I bagpiped Green Hills of Tyrol as the family escorted the urn down to the water. It was a slow, steady and emotional walk for family. I waited for the signal and then transitioned into Amazing Grace bagpipe song. I piped Amazing Grace 6 times through as the family distributed the ashes and made their journey back to gathering friends.

I received many smiles and thank you’s for as they described my “eloquent bagpipe music”. Thanking the family, I headed to my vehicle just after 9:30PM and made the long Hwy 26 drive back to Portland.

To learn more about me, visit my Oregon Bagpiper home page or read about my events at Bagpiper Oregon blog.

Salem OR Bagpiper

Monday, June 7th, 2010

A very decorated war hero passed away in May and I was contacted by Mark, a specialist for the US armed services to bagpipe in Salem OR for the war veteran. This wasn’t the first time someone contacted me for a Salem OR bagpiper. I have piped there on several occasions throughout the years, for parties, weddings and funerals.

The service was to be held at Court Street Christian Church 1699 Court Street Northeast Salem, OR 97301 in the mid afternoon. The bagpiper Salem OR funeral service was to follow the graveside burial at Willamette National Cemetery on Friday the day before. Fortunately, because I schedule my work around when people need me for oregon bagpipe gigs, I am flexible to make even short term requests. I did have full availability to bagpipe at Willamette National Cemetery and I am very familiar with the layout, the structure, time scheduling and when the most opportune times to pipe during the ceremony are.

At Willamette National Cemetery, I bagpiped Scotland the Brave as the honor guard escorted the casket into the shelter. After the 21 gun salute, taps and the folding of the flag, I was instructed to pipe the final segment of the program which called for Amazing Grace. It was a short and very professional ceremony. The directors and honor guard at Willamette National Cemetery do a wonderful job coordinated burials.

The next day, I drove from Portland to Salem OR bagpipe at the Church service. The Court Street Christian Church is a beautiful church with high ceilings, lovely acoustics and lots of room to accommodate large groups of people. Fortunately for the Church, there was enough (just barely) to seat all the family members and friends. The service lasted approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Mark asked that I bagpipe at the very end of the ceremony, after taps and the folding of the flag. I struck up my bagpipes and played a lovely version of Amazing Grace and repeated it three times through to get the full effect. I positioned myself in the foyer, a bit of ways from everyone, which gave a mysterious impression of background bagpipe music.

As guests of the family shuffled out the door, showering me with compliments and gratitude, one women in particular said something very memorable to me. She said, “I couldn’t tell if there was a real bagpiper playing or a CD”. Wow.

Bagpiper Seaside OR

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

A well known and well liked Oregonian passed away and I was contacted for a bagpiper in Seaside OR. Although I am a bagpiper in Portland, I do travel throughout Oregon and Washington as an Oregon piper, when requested for a Seaside OR bagpiper, the commute was definitely in my range. The service was held at Seaside Christian Church at 88786 Dellmoor Loop Warrenton, OR 97146-7151. It turns out Warrenton is just a few miles north of Seaside on Hwy 101.

The funeral was scheduled for 2PM and as is customary, I showed up 20 minutes before the service began. It was a beautiful day, with hardly a cloud in sight and a slight breeze, a day you would be hard pressed to find on the Oregon Coast. Dressed in full uniform, with the Ancient Frasier tartan, I sought out the family who hired me to go over the logistics. The plan was simple and straightforward. I was to bagpipe in the Seaside Church near the conclusion of the ceremony. To create a sort of haunting effect, I piped from the back entry way for a bar of Danny Boy bagpipe music song, piping as I waltz to the alter. Once there, I turned, faced the family and the family members and continued playing Danny Boy one time through. I stopped my bagpipes at the end of the tune. I then restruck them back in and launched straight into Amazing Grace bagpipe song. I played Amazing Grace twice through in place and at the beginning of the third time through, I slowly began to march and return to the same point I initially started from.

Next came the honor guard and bugler player. It was a wonderful transition. Making eye contact with the Bugler, the moment I stopped, he began playing a beautiful version of taps while the honor guard marched forward carrying the United States flag.

I waited outside to thank the family members and friends as they strolled out the Seaside OR Church. I received warm thank you’s and deep expressions of gratitude. Lastly, I thanked the family for inviting me to pipe in Seaside OR. Pipes in hand and uniform glistening in the sun, I headed for my vehicle and a short while later I was back in Portland.

Funeral Bagpiper Tigard OR

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Funerals are a strange combination of a celebration of life and the grieving process of loosing a loved one. A piper serves to assist in both processes. I often gets compliments from people with tears in their eyes, thanking me profusely for providing such a warm tribute to someone’s life. Sometimes I wonder whether the tears are tears of joy or tears of sadness. Saturday was no different.

I was contacted by a women who lost her husband. She requested Amazing Grace on bagpipes and Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes.

The funeral was for a piper in Tigard OR. Just off Hwy 99 is Young’s Funeral Home in Tigard OR. I arrived 25 minutes prior to the funeral to meet the family and the funeral director, orientate myself with the layout and confirm all the details. Because I have been a piper in Portland and have performed for over 100 funerals the passed three years (see my Oregon Piper Blog, I try to approach every funeral the same way; on time and prepared.

I processed in with Amazing Grace and continued playing it three times through. Once the family was seated, I cut my pipes. At the conclusion of the ceremony, I reappeared in the same place I bagpiped previously. This time I piped Scotland the Brave, processing the family out into the foyer.

Although I preside in Portland and call myself the Portland Piper, I travel quite frequently, from Mt. Hood to the Beach, from Seattle to Bend. Tigard OR Piper was no different. I love to perform and anytime I can assist with the grieving process, I feel I am doing my part to help the family during difficult times.

Oregon Piper Pipes at Bicycle Dedication Ceremony

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Lately, there has been an increased safety concern for bicyclists in Portland and rightfully so. Each year, several cyclists die from car related accidents. In order to watch over and protect the thousands of bikers who bike Portland OR every day, St. Stephens Episcopal Church (1432 SW 13th Ave, Portland OR) put on an event last week called which dedicated a bicycle shrine in the church. Father Dennis Parker presided over the service with the assistance of Mic who put the event together.

The event itself was short and sweet and to the point. There were several television crews present and event received recognition from Portland OR based newspapers and news organizations. I was invited to bagpipe as the cyclists arrived. There were several news crews filming my playing but none stopped to ask me any questions. I guess the news snippet was too short to include a bagpiper. I also played at the end of the event, piping Amazing Grace three times through. Everyone thanked me at the end and was very complimentary of my playing. I think they have another event coming up in December which Mic mentioned he would love to have me at. Look for an update on bagpiping in Portland’s St. Stephens Church.

A copy of the flyer dedicating the ceremony: