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I love bagpiping for parties. It gives me the chance to play a variety of tunes in my repertoire. Everything from jigs to slow aires, from stathspeys to reels get played. And of course the classics, like Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace, Flower of Scotland and others. The Vancouver WA bagpiper party was the party of all Christmas parties.

I was contacted by Leslie in November to bagpipe at her Vancouver WA home for three separate parties in the month of December. Each party consisted of friends, food and libations. Even on one particular occasion, Santa came and distributed gifts. The guests coaxed me into sitting on his lap and receiving a gift. I got caramel corn and a shot glass – not a bad gift.

All three bagpiper Vancouver WA celebrations were brilliant and done up to the nines. The house was incredibly decorated, exterior and interior. Each guest adorned a ‘kilted towel’ around their waist, as in a a towel with an image of a kilt, which is the next best thing to the real deal. The food was exquisite and thoughtfully presented and the host Leslie, was charismatic and fun. And of course, how can you forget about the bagpipe music, which was pretty top notch.

On two of the occasions, I piped as the guests arrived in the blistering cold. However, luckily, I bagpiped under a covered area, keeping me out of the rain and sleet. The duration of outside play lasted approximately 30 minutes as guests trickled in via cab and car. And they all politely nodded and acknowledged me as the approached the home. The second part of the of Vancouver WA bag piper show consisted of piping inside for the friends as they conversed and ate. I played many traditional marches, sprinkled with some contemporary fast tunes. Leslie’s favorite tune is the Flower of Scotland and I made sure to make that tune the highlight of the night and as a way to single her departure to Scotland where she celebrated New Years Eve.

Thank you to all the friends, Santa and Leslie for a celebratory Scottish New Years Fest in beautiful Vancouver WA.

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