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Longview WA Bagpiper

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Last weekend I was invited to bagpipe in Longview WA. It was held at the Longview Memorial Park Cemetery off 5050 Mt. Solo Rd Longview WA 9863. It was a quaint ceremony, with lots of friends and family members paying tribute to life of a wonderful Scottish lady. The Mausoleum was pitched at the top of the hill, overlooking the pastures and farm country of Longview WA. The hills were sprinkled with grave stones, flowers and other sentimental items. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and the day was beautiful.

My role was to bagpipe for all the guests prior to the service as they lingered and shared stories. I played two 3/4 Marches sets of slow marches and military marches, tunes I really enjoy piping at funerals. After about 10 minutes of bagpiping, the guests were asked to take their seats. At which time I was cued to start my pipes from outside the Mausoleum playing the bagpipe tune Amazing Grace. I played the first couple of verses at attention and then marched into the building, turned piped another couple of verses and then exited the same way I entered. Upon refacing the crowd, I cut my bagpipes.

The family and friends sang some verses, shared stories for the next 30 minutes. Upon concluding the ceremony, the speaker signaled me to march in from the back, strike up my bagpipes and lead the group with Scotland the Brave. I played the first couple of verses at attention and when I repeated the part, I lead out. Everyone followed as I lead them down the hill meandering to the right where the reception awaited them. I stayed for a while enjoying cookies and juice and meeting the family members. They all thanked me profusely.

Although I am known as the Portland Bagpiper, I enjoy getting out of Portland and making the commute to bagpipe in other places. Bagpiper Longview WA was no different.