Columbia Gorge Bag Piper

July and August are the months of Weddings. That means between bagpipe competitions with the Portland Metro Pipe Band, my solos and Oregon Bagpiper Wedding gigs, it makes for some long weekends. However, I love it.

Last Month, I got to bagpipe in the Columbia River Gorge not once but twice. And coincidentally, both Columbia Gorge bag piper Wedding gigs fell on the weekend, in the same location. The location was Bridal Veil Lakes, set in the heart of the gorgeous Columbia Gorge. And what added to the fun and excitement, was both parties asked me to bring back up. So on Saturday, Ted (drummer) and Craig (Piper) from the Portland Metro Pipe Band joined me in celebrating a Wedding. On Sunday, just Craig came with me for an equally beautiful wedding celebration for some Columbia Gorge bagpiping.

I had an amazing time on both days. Because I had part of my band join me, we mostly focused on bagpiping band tunes, like Green Hills of Tyrol, some swinging 6/8 marches and our competition Medley and March, Strathspey, Reel sets. On Saturday, we stood off to the side of the Wedding party and piped from a distance. On Sunday, Craig and I piped out the Bride and Groom and led from the Wedding Ceremony spot to the where the reception was being held. It was a short and breathtaking walk along the small lake. Alicia Dickerson, a sought after Portland Wedding Photographer provided us with some excellent shots. Thanks Alicia!

Ted, Craig and I would like to thank both Wedding Parties for inviting us to bagpiper Columbia Gorge OR.


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