Cannon Beach OR Bagpiper

Bagpiping on the Oregon Coast always has a special part in my heart. There is something quite invigorating about bagpiping at the beach. The sound of seagulls flapping overhead, the lapping waves at your feet, the refreshing breeze and the picturesque moments always shared between friends and family in a beach setting can be very special. Frequently, I am asked to Oregon coast bagpipe for funerals, weddings and parties.

I was contacted early last week to play for a celebration of life on the Oregon Coast. I was to pipe at Tolovana State Park, just outside Cannon Beach. I have been a bagpiper Cannon Beach OR before, so I was familiar with the location. It was held at dusk, perfectly timed so the family and friends gathering would spy the sunset in the distance. The celebration of life lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a combination of music, stories and poems. The family wanted to have a bagpiper pipe them in. We started at the stairway leading down to the beach, with me trailing the family as they waltzed along the beach up to tent where family and friends had gathered. I started with Scotland the Brave bagpipe tune and once in position, launched into Skye Boat Song bagpipe tune, which is a lovely combination of traditional bagpipe music. It was a perfect setting for a bagpiper in Cannon Beach OR.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, with my fingers a bit stiff and cold from the breeze, I bagpiped Green Hills of Tyrol as the family escorted the urn down to the water. It was a slow, steady and emotional walk for family. I waited for the signal and then transitioned into Amazing Grace bagpipe song. I piped Amazing Grace 6 times through as the family distributed the ashes and made their journey back to gathering friends.

I received many smiles and thank you’s for as they described my “eloquent bagpipe music”. Thanking the family, I headed to my vehicle just after 9:30PM and made the long Hwy 26 drive back to Portland.

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