Oregon Piper Pipes at Bicycle Dedication Ceremony

Lately, there has been an increased safety concern for bicyclists in Portland and rightfully so. Each year, several cyclists die from car related accidents. In order to watch over and protect the thousands of bikers who bike Portland OR every day, St. Stephens Episcopal Church (1432 SW 13th Ave, Portland OR) put on an event last week called which dedicated a bicycle shrine in the church. Father Dennis Parker presided over the service with the assistance of Mic who put the event together.

The event itself was short and sweet and to the point. There were several television crews present and event received recognition from Portland OR based newspapers and news organizations. I was invited to bagpipe as the cyclists arrived. There were several news crews filming my playing but none stopped to ask me any questions. I guess the news snippet was too short to include a bagpiper. I also played at the end of the event, piping Amazing Grace three times through. Everyone thanked me at the end and was very complimentary of my playing. I think they have another event coming up in December which Mic mentioned he would love to have me at. Look for an update on bagpiping in Portland’s St. Stephens Church.

A copy of the flyer dedicating the ceremony:


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