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Portland Piper on KGW News Channel 8

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Bob’s Red Mill Grain in Milwaukie Portland recently won the Golden Spurdle award at the annual World Porridge Championships in Scotland. The won Best Porridge in the World prize, which no company in the US has ever won. This is a pretty big deal but comes as no surprise, many swear by Bob’s Red Mill Grain products.

KGW News Channel 8 Morning show got a hold of the news and Drew Carney and company wanted to air a special 2 hour segment honoring the company and the porridge. I was invited by the Bob’s Red Mill Graiin to add an extra hint of Scottish flare to the broadcast. Dressed in full uniform, adorning the Ancient Frasier tartan, I was involved in three segments. I played traditional tunes, tunes I hoped the viewers might recognize – Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol and another 3/4 march. You can hear the full bagpipe tunes recorded live by me on my Portland bagpipe music page.

We all had a lot of fun and got to sample some great Scottish food. Here is a link to the KGW news video feed. I come in minute 7:30ish. Portland Piper on KGW News Channel 8.