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Oregon City High School Bagpipe Performance

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The students and faculty at Oregon City High School held their third annual Veterans Commemoration ceremony on Tuesday, August 4th (election day) and they so graciously asked me to bag pipe at a small interval during the performance. The performance lasted for a total of 1.5 hours and was witnessed by a packed house of 1500 students, faculty and veterans. During the memorable ceremony, they honored the National Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Past students of Oregon City High School who perished in Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan and the Iraq war were all honored. The speakers ranged from ROTC high school students, to current soldiers in the Iraq war and war veterans who have gone on to encourage and inspire the younger generations. The service underscored the fact the numerous privileges us Americans have as a result of the courageous individuals who served our beautiful nation. The susceptible minds of the student body offered their cheers and patriotism at every possible interval. I was utterly amazed at the turnout and respect such a young aspiring generation offered. I don’t remember a single event in my high school years which remotely compared to this important and historic event.

My role including playing piping Amazing Grace in the first half of the ceremony. With the accompaniment of two ROTC students, I led a memorial plaque, dedicated to the lost lives of several Oregon City High School students. It was a slow and methodical march up to the center from the back. As I approached the center, I did a half turn and continued bagpiping Amazing Grace a second time through.

I don’t know if it was because of the large crowd or importance of the event, but I was extremely nervous. I rarely even get nervous when I perform in solo and band competitions but on this particular day, I really had to suppress my nerves and carry forth. What a great event, I really hope I am invited back next year.