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Lake Oswego Oregon Piper at Millenium Park

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I was contacted to play my bagpipes in Lake Oswego Oregon as celebration for a departing young lady heading abroad to continue her studies. It was a very charming affair. Friends of the family made shirts depicting the celebratory guest, set up a boating outing and hired me-Portland Piper Dan DelMain.

I was scheduled to pipe at 5:30 on the 2nd dock overlooking Lake Oswego. The goal was to have me piping as the boat ferrying the guests came to dock in port. It was a beautiful Wednesday evening, so beautiful I had a hard time seeing anything with the glare of the sun. As boats came and went, waving their hands in appreciation of the music, I couldn’t tell who the group of 7 I was suppose to be honoring. Finally, they arrived. The shirts indicated so.

I bagpiped a few minutes as they tied the boat and grabbed what they needed. Once assembled we chatted, took a few pictures and discussed what to do next. It was decided I would pipe them into Millennium Park along State street from where we were. Dodging and weaving the incoming cyclists and strollers with cars zooming by at 40mph, I arrived safely at my destination. From here I played a variety of slow aires, marches and other applicable Portland Pipe tunes in front of the fountain in downtown Lake Oswego. After three sets, I piped the group across the tracks, up the stairs and left them in front of Manzana restaurant where their table awaited them. The orchestrator of the event thanked me and even added I was “a stand up guy”. I turned and fled the scene from the same way I arrived, piping all the way.