Salem Oregon Bagpiper

Commuting to Tuner Oregon for a bagpipe wedding performance? No problem. People always wonder how far I am willing to travel to bagpipe and I never seem to dissapoint. I was asked the other day if I would be willing to travel to Klamath Falls Oregon for a funeral. If I have time and my schedule permits, the answer is always a resounding “of course I would”.

Yesterday, I performed for a charming little wedding set in the backdrop of Tuner Oregon (just south of Salem on I-5). The wedding was located on a farm overlooking miles and miles of true Oregon pasture. It was a medium sized wedding. In all, there were around 70 – 80 guests. I warmed up with a series of marches and appropriate wedding tunes as guests mingled and drank to keep cool. It was over 100 degrees. Once the ceremony was to begin, I took my position in the back near the entrance of the house. On cue, I stepped forward and played Scotland the Brave for the Bridesmaid, Groomsman and the flower girl/little boy usher. Upon which I transitioned into Mari’s Wedding, a popular and very traditional wedding tune for the bride. After the vows were read and stories shared, I entered stage right and piped the newlywed’s out the same way they entered with Donald McClellan of Rothesay, an euphoric and lively tune as the crowd cheered.

After which, I was invited to join them for dinner and refreshments. They actually got the Philly Cheesesteak restaurant from Portland to cater their wedding. What a great treat. I thought the idea was priceless and the food was excellent. One women agreed it was the only place in Portland whose Philly Cheesesteaks rivaled those of Philadelphia.

Around 8:30PM, I drove back to Portland exhausted from the heat but delighted to have shared in such a memorable wedding. Why don’t more weddings in the Portland surrounding area have a bagpiper, especially since Oregon is so scenic.

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