Mollala OR Bagpipe Wedding

On Saturday I found myself in Mollala OR playing my bagpipes for local couple’s marriage. It was held at Arrowhead Golf Club in a beautiful and scenic location. The wedding had both the attention of the many guests they invited but also the passerby golfers going about there Saturdays. This was a wedding which had been planned well in advance. I think we met to select tunes in December. They wanted two 6/8 marches for the march in of the bride and the march out of the couple. There choices were Miss Ishabel in and Lilly Christie out; two of my favorite tunes.

Luckily for everyone involved the weather held up and didn’t begin to trickle until after the guests headed for the reception. For the first 40 minutes I welcomed the arriving guests with my bagpipes. I choose to play mostly traditional marches and slow air’s hoping someone might recognize a tune or two. For whatever reason, we were slightly delayed because many of the guests hadn’t arrived. As the moment approached for the grandiose entrance, the bride came walking up the hill, signaled me to begin and off we went down the hill. After the short ceremony, I pulled my pipes and marched them out the same way they come in.

The strange thing about weddings is how nervous the bride and groom are and how frantically the choreographer runs around tidying up last minute details. I enjoy the spectacle and maybe I have this calming appreciation because of the numerous bagpiper in Portland weddings I have performed for. Each one gets a lot easier.

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