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Beaverton Oregon Bagpiper Funeral

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I was at again for a bagpipe funeral in the Portland area. What was different about this time was I was instructed to bring back up. The son of recently deceased mother requested I add another Portland piper and Portland snare drummer to my arsenal. Rarely do I get the chance to get other bagpipers involved in my personal gigs. Usually, groups are reserved for band competitions and band performances.

At 3PM sharp, piper Chris Bollinger (Portland Metro Pipe Band member) and drummer Ted McKnigt (also from Portland Metro Pipe Band). We were instructed to play an opening tune Green Hills of Tyrol as we marched to the stage. After the short trip, we remained at ease on stage in front of the mourners for about 40 minutes. It was the longest time I have spent on stage idling in front of a large audience.

After what felt like an eternity, Chris and I struck up our bagpipes and played Amazing Grace, twice through together and last time with myself playing the solo. Other than our pipes being completely out of tune initially (for not playing for 40 minutes), we played well.

Once the moment of silenced had elapsed, I gave the signal to Ted and called out Scotland the Brave. We played in one time in place and on the repeat we marched out from the same direction we entered.

Another well executed Portland Bagpipe performance I felt. One of the grandsons was so impressed, he asked if I would perform at his upcoming bagpipe wedding in March.