Portland Bagpipe Funeral at Willamette National Cemetery

I am getting somewhat accustomed to the layout at Willamette National Cemetery. For first times, it get can be a daunting task finding a small grave plot amongst thousands. Fortunately, it was my third or fourth performance in the last few months navigating the the twists and turns is becoming increasingly familiar.

The women who hired me was referred to me by the organizer of Marys Woods in Lake Oswego. The congregation and staff at Mari’s Woods enjoyed my playing enough for a future recommendation. I really appreciate referrals, it tells me my bagpiping in Portland is becoming more and more appreciated.

As is customary at most funerals, I opened with Amazing Grace, playing it through three times. Upon completion, the pastor made directed everyone where to meet for refreshments. As guests stood to leave, I played Green Hills of Tyrol and When the Battles O’er. two very traditional war marches.

As I walked to my car, I started thinking about my wool quilt and whether it was adequate protection against the forces of nature. My response, yes, as long as the wind factor is minimal.

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