Vancounver Washington Bagpiper

Yesterday, I played at a funeral in Vancouver Washington. It was a cozy catholic school/church combination. I didn’t perform until the very end. After idling for 45 minutes in the back awaiting my que, I stepped forward from the back of the church and marched down the aisle playing Scotland the Brave. After arriving at the front state, I turned to the audience, acknowledged the crowd and continued playing until I finished the song. Without stopping my pipes, I quickly transitioned into Amazing Grace, which I played three times through (side note: because Amazing Grace is a 3 part tune, I always recommend playing it through three times).

Once finished, I cut my Portland bagpipes for a quick second, struck them back in and led the masses out with Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battles O’er. Outside, I continued playing until all the guests had shuffled out.

It is sometimes especially hard playing for funerals because bagpipes is an instrument which provokes strong emotions (both joyous and somber). Normally, it is the Amazing Grace which causes people to tear up. I always receive this comment after playing.

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