NW Portland Bagpipe Funeral

On Saturday, December 1st I warmed the cold wintery afternoon with my Portland bagpipes at St. Thomas Moore in NW Portland. It was the first time I had been inside the church. It is a quaint church with lots of rustic wood panels.

Normally at some point I march in the procession or march out the family. In this instance, I provided background music from the entry hall. After the priest gave his opening blessing, I played Amazing Grace as the family marched down the aisles, quiting as they found their seats.

After idling for a while, I played Scotland the Brave as the masses filed out. Scotland the Brave was played about 6 times over before everyone had filed out. Many people were throwing appreciative glances as they left the church. I wish I could have them thanked them verbally but that would have required me to cut my pipes.

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