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Vancouver WA Bagpipe Funeral

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

After the early Portland bagpipe funeral performance, I headed to Vancouver Washington for another bagpipe funeral performance at the Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel. It was a very emotional ceremony, with crowds billowing out the doors. I don’t think the family anticipated so many guests.

My had two appearances. The first time I marched down the aisles of the chapel midway through the service. I marched in with Scotland the Brave, played in place until I finished my pipes and then went straight into Amazing Grace. After three times through, I cut my pipes.

After a slide show to close the service, I played some traditional tunes as people shuffled to the door. The tunes included Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle’s Over, Scotland the Brave and Mari’s Wedding.

The administrators of the Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel did an excellent job hosting the family and making the proper arrangements to get everything in place.

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NW Portland Bagpipe Funeral

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

On Saturday, December 1st I warmed the cold wintery afternoon with my Portland bagpipes at St. Thomas Moore in NW Portland. It was the first time I had been inside the church. It is a quaint church with lots of rustic wood panels.

Normally at some point I march in the procession or march out the family. In this instance, I provided background music from the entry hall. After the priest gave his opening blessing, I played Amazing Grace as the family marched down the aisles, quiting as they found their seats.

After idling for a while, I played Scotland the Brave as the masses filed out. Scotland the Brave was played about 6 times over before everyone had filed out. Many people were throwing appreciative glances as they left the church. I wish I could have them thanked them verbally but that would have required me to cut my pipes.