Vancouver Church Funeral

Last Thursday afternoon, I played my Oregon Highland bagpipes at a church in Vancouver. I arrived early to tune my pipes and meet with the coordinator. I would open up with a series of traditional marches and slow airs. Because of my extensive list and my experience performing at funerals I had every selection ready in head.

After tuning, I stepped out on the stage and within minutes of tuning, the entire church was filled with friends and family members. My pipes were a little cold from the weather but quickly warmed up within 10 minutes of performing.

My finale came a short time later once the fine men in uniform approached the stage and began the flag folding ceremony. It was emotional. As I stood there playing “Amazing Grace” time about, I was thinking about all the fallen soldiers and how blessed I am to live in a fine patriotic country where the men and women of the three branches protect us day in and day out.

Thank you Daniel for inviting me to perform for your fathers memorial.

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